Nitrogen Gas Purge Controllers
Eliminate UV Curing Surface Tackiness

One Touch Operation Eliminates UV Surface Tackiness in UV Curing Applications. Preset Purge Delays, Sequential Gas-UV Cycles, Plug-n-Play Compatibility with Omnicure – Expert Curing Solutions.

  • Precision Inert Gas Controller
    • PGC-10: Omnicure S2000 Compatible
    • PGC-20: Omnicure PLC2000 Compatible
    • PGC-XX: Custom applications
  • Introducing inert gas (Nitrogen/Argon) during a UV curing cycle reduces surface tackiness for tack-free curing and bonding
  • Plug and Play compatible with Omnicure Systems
  • One-Touch Operation for Sequential Gas Purge and UV System Control
  • Four Preset Purge Delays: 5, 10, 20 and 30 seconds
  • Adjustable Digital Flow Meter
    • Rated Flow Range: 0.5 – 25 ℓ/min
    • Minimum setting 0.01 ℓ/min)
    • Repeatability: ± 1% F.S or less
    • Response Time: 50 msec.
    • Recommended Input Pressure: 25-40 PSI
    • ¼” Push Lock Female Gas Connections

Nitrogen and Argon Gas Purge Controller

The Full Spectrum Technologies Model PGC-10/20/30 Digital Gas Purge Controllers are designed to integrate with UV curing systems and provide a controlled inert gas purge (nitrogen/argon) prior to UV curing, removing oxygen and moisture from the curing environment. Featuring easy one touch operation, the digital gas controller offers four preset purge delays, adjustable flow rates and sequential UV cycle triggers for optimal UV curing. Introducing a nitrogen or argon gas purge during UV curing eliminates surface tackiness and provides tack-free curing and bonding.

The Model PGC-10/20/30 Digital Gas Controllers are plug and play compatible with all Omnicure UV Spot Curing Systems and other UV sources, and offer multiple audible alarms and remote interlock capability. Full Spectrum offers custom programming, gas purge chambers, gas delivery systems and UV curing fixtures with integrated gas purge capabilities.

  • Low Pressure, Low Flow, Interlock Open, Foot Pedal/Start Stop Audible Alarms
  • Remote Interlock Capability
  • DB15 Pin Din Interface for UV Source
  • Dimensions: 6” W x 6” L x 3” H
  • Weight: 2 lbs. 13 oz.
  • Power Supply: 110/120VAC, 2.7 A


  • Remote Foot Switch with 8’ Cable: #FS-10
  • Custom Services
    • Gas Purge Delay/Cycle Programming
    • Gas Purge Chambers and Delivery Systems
    • Modular UV Curing Fixtures

Nitro 360 Circumferential Cure Ring and UVSNAPP Fixture with Inert Gas Enclosure

Nitro 360 Circumferential Cure Ring with Gas Purge Chamber

Mini Gas Purge Chamber

Single Light Guide Post with Mini Gas Purge Chamber

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