Infrared Small Area Emitter System – Single/Dual

  • IRFLOW infrared system is designed to meet the stringent demands of the medical device and optoelectronics industries, where system validation and calibration are critical for repeatable production results.
  • Infrared Controller with Single or Dual Emitters
  • System output calibration – ideal for multiple system production environments
  • Cycle-to-cycle verification ensures equipment performance every time
  • Touchscreen HMI Controller for Intuitive Operator Interaction (320 x 240 LCD TFT)
  • Watt, Amp and Voltage Display for Precision, Repeatable Results
  • Four Programmable Multi-stage Thermal Profile Recipes
  • Idle /T1/T2 variable power/time settings

Calibrated Small Area Infrared System

The IRFLOW is an energy efficient and powerful infrared heating system that uses the power of light to speed up the cure of thermal curing adhesives and coatings. It is designed with an internal feedback loop that allows precise temperature control for heat shaping and shrinking of medical device tubing. This same HMI control system allows the IRFLOW to be calibrated to a benchmark temperature and maintain repeatable and traceable operations at set temperatures from 100°F to 600°F. In addition, thermal ramp rates and thermal dwell times can be programmed to allow controlled reactions without damaging sensitive medical substrates or causing unwanted thermal stresses. The IRFLOW has been proven with users of thermal curing epoxies, urethanes, and silicones and with a variety of medical shrink tubes. The adhesive and process gurus at Full Spectrum Technologies Inc. can provide the IRFLOW in an off-the shelf configuration or as part of a complete device assembly turnkey system.

  • Instantaneous and Peak in Timed Mode
  • Lamp hour meter function
  • Advanced multiple user password access with admin rights
  • Data logging output with external USB port
  • English/Spanish language
  • Remote run / interlock capability
  • Power: IRF-CON2: 120VAC, 15A, 1 or 2 Outputs
  • Optional: footswitch, mini light tower, programmable tooling control and manual /automated fixtures

Small Area Infrared Emitters

  • Infrared Emitter Optical Configurations
  • IRF-EM1: 450 Watt Emitter Housing
  • Quick twist lock connections
  • Short wave, tungsten-halogen, quartz lamp
  • Instantaneous heat up and cool down
  • Excellent heat penetration depth into substrate
  • Performance Range: Idle to 400˚C
  • Optimal Working Distance: 20mm to part
  • Working Area:
  • 25 x 32mm (H x W) standard
  • Custom apertures available
  • Horizontal or vertical orientation
  • Bulb Service Life: 5,000 hours

Dual and Single Infrared Emitter Stations

  • Manual and automated IR emitter stations
  • Precision adjustable emitter positioning
  • Custom linear slide part platform, with optional part channel, clip and catheter extension
  • Horizontal or vertical orientationCustom configurations available

Automated Dual Infrared Emitter Stations

Automated Dual Infrared Emitter Stations
Automated Dual Infrared Emitter Stations
Automated Dual Infrared Emitter Stations

See the Infrared System in Action

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