The Art of 360°
Circumferential UV Curing
The NITRO 360 High Powered Cure Rings Deliver 360° Curing and Bonding with 50% More Power and Extend UV Bulb Life. Modular, Nitrogen Gas Purge Capable UVSNAPP Curing Stations - Cure With Confidence.
Precision Infrared Small Area
Emitter Systems - IRFLOW
Instant Performance – Substrate Heating From 0-400°F in Less than 60 Seconds. Programmable Multi-stage Thermal Profiles, Cycle-to Cycle Verification, Output Calibration For Precision, Repeatable Infrared Delivery Every Time.
Nitrogen Gas Purge Controllers
Eliminate UV Surface Tackiness
One Touch Operation Eliminates UV Surface Tackiness in UV Curing Applications. Preset Purge Delays, Sequential Gas-UV Cycles, Plug-n-Play Compatibility with Omnicure – Expert Curing Solutions.


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We offer only the world’s finest, most technologically advanced UV, Infrared and LED light based curing and bonding systems and surface modification equipment.
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