Plasma Treatment Systems

Corona, Atmospheric Plasma and Flame Technologies

An industry leader in plasma surface treatment technology, Enercon plasma and flame surface treaters provide repeatable adhesion process control for industrial manufacturers in the assembly, printing & decorating industries.

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Films, Objects and Sheets

  • Highly effective treatment for both conductive and nonconductive surfaces to improve surface adhesion properties prior to bonding with inks, coatings, & adhesives.
  • Plasma treaters bombard surfaces with a high speed discharge of ions to clean, etch and functionalize surfaces
  • Focused treatment works well with on flat surfaces and difficult to reach recesses.
  • Available with either one or two treatment heads in both standard and Pro Series configurations.


Films and Objects

  • PowerFlame™ High Velocity Burner Technology with high-velocity ports for powerful treatment
  • Advanced Combustion Control air/gas ratio control provides a consistent flame over the entire power adjustment range
  • PRO system features include Intuitive Touch Screen Display guides users through operation, monitoring, fault logs & more
  • Flame Plasma Safety



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We offer only the world’s finest, most technologically advanced UV, Infrared and LED light based curing and bonding systems and surface modification equipment.

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