Eliminate UV Adhesive Surface Tackiness

with a Digital Nitrogen Gas Purge Controller

Improve your UV curing and bonding with a nitrogen or argon gas purge cycle that removes oxygen and eliminate surface tackiness. Plug and play compatible with popular UV sources.

Nitrogen Eliminate Surface Tackiness

  • Applying an inert gas (nitrogen or argon) during UV curing eliminates oxygen at the bonding point for tack-free UV curing and bonding
  • Our PLC digital gas controllers deliver precision controlled gas flow to the UV bonding area prior and during curing for optimal results

Integrates Direct to UV Light Source

  • Plug and Play compatible with Omnicure UV curing systems and integrates with other UV light sources
  • Compact design for space saving in cleanroom

Easy Operation and Safety

  • Four Preset Gas Purge Delays: 5, 10, 20 and 30 seconds
  • One touch operation
  1. Press ON to start preset timed inert gas purge
  2. Controller triggers pre-programmed UV curing cycle after purge delay complete
  3. At end of pre-programmed UV curing cycle, controller turns gas and UV source OFF
  • Interlock and Alarms: Low Pressure, Low Flow, Interlock Open, Foot Pedal/Start Stop
  • Adjustable Digital Flow Meter - Rated Flow Range: 0.5 - 12.5 ℓ/min

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Plug and Play Compatible with UV Curing Systems

by Excelitas

  • Integrates direct with Omnicure and other UV sources
  • One touch operation – Uses UV system parameters and interlock
  • Quick connect cables for easy setup

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