Upgrade Your UV Curing Station

with an Automatic Linear Air Slide Controller

Improve process repeatability and reduce operator error with a microprocessor air slide controller which automatically extends and retracts a linear air slide. Plug and play UV source integration.

Advanced Controller Quickly Automates a Linear Air Slide Fixture

  • Reduce operator error with a PLC operated linear air slide controller
  • Controller automatically extends linear air slide for predetermined UV curing period, then retracts slide when cycle complete
  • Foot pedal operation for easy activation

Quick Connect - Linear Air Slide & UV Source

  • Plug and Play compatible with Omnicure UV curing systems and integrates with other UV light sources
  • UV source connection: custom cables and foot pedal jack (varies per source)
  • Fixture connection: ¼” air connection, limit switch connector, and 1/8” actuator extend-retract connections
  • 24 VDC power supply with adaptor

Easy Operation with Safety Functions

  • One touch operation
  1. Start extends air slide, and UV turns ON when slide extension switch activated
  2. After predetermined UV cycle complete, UV turns off and slide retracts
  • Audible fault alarm when foot pedal depressed during cycle, UV will not start until pedal released and cycle restarted
  • Interlock and alarms - limit switch, foot pedal release, foot pedal abort cycle
  • Controller includes custom cables - client to supply own UV light source, limit switch, linear air slide and air tubing

Upgrade and Automate

Linear Slide Controller In Action

  • Reduce operator error and improve repeatability
  • Setup and start working quickly
  • Easy integration with UV slight source and linear air slide

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Plug and Play Compatible with UV Curing Systems

by Excelitas

  • Integrates direct with Omnicure and other UV sources
  • One touch operation – Uses UV system parameters and interlock
  • Quick connect cables for easy setup

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