IRFLOW Custom Station

Posted - January 8, 2016

IRFLOW infrared systems are designed to meet the stringent demands of the medical device and opto-electronics industries, where system validation and calibration are critical for repeatable production results. Featuring dual or quad emitter housings, automated Infrared Stations offer rapid small part heating and are an outstanding alternative to slower thermal ovens. Precision and adjustable emitter and part positioning, automated IR Stations offer a small, benchtop footprint, and are ideal for cleanroom environments. Vertical or horizontal oriented parts can be heatedfrom 0-400°F in less than 60 seconds, and four programmable, multi-stage thermal profiles can be optimized for your specific part and adhesive requirements.

Safety is paramount, and every station including safety ON-OFF switches, acrylic guards and tooling control protection, cycle–to-cycle verification, output calibration and much more. Designed for demanding applications, each station provides data-logging, advanced multiple user password administration, English/Spanish Language, lamp hour meter, mini light towers, programmable remote run and interlock capabilities. Custom programmable is available.